About Us


Started in the year 2004, with an aim to be recognized in the industry world wide, Trust Dental® is a firm established by two individuals- Mr. Kumar G.P and Mr.Ambikanath under Indian laws with its corporate base at Bangalore. The said corporate name was adopted to reflect the amount of "Trust" which command among the dental fraternity and thus resulting in expanding base of business, which now encompasses almost the entire gamut of dental supply markets. We put our experiences of working on Dental chairs, the pros and cons that a dentist undergoes while treating a patient, things we taken into care and ideas put forward to create good quality dental chairs.​

With about 16 plus years of experience, both of them have a broader work picture and in depth understanding of dental field. Today in the year 2016 we have been notable dealers covering nearly half of India, we are one among the leading manufacturers of all kinds of dental chairs and equipments. Our company is an ISO certified company, recognized by dealers and doctors through out the country.

It is almost 12 years since we’re committed to manufacturing innovative and high-quality surgical, endodontic, and portable dental products. We have been creating innovative designs & breaking the barriers of conservative concepts about dental chairs, we know the importance of making a good quality product that not only reflects safety, aesthetics & economy but also enhances contemporary standards. Everything we offer provides great value and serviced in India.


Trust India Corporation is born with a noble mission- the mission is to assemble the trade communities of all the states of India under one common platform, the mission is to contribute to the development of national business, thereby contributing to the economic development of the respective states. We are committed to assist all our registered members in locating and communicating with new business partners from across the nation. Trust India Corporation continually strives to set the standard for excellence in the dental equipment industry, advancing dental technology with products that are unrivaled in quality and innovation. In every interaction, we aim to treat our customers and employees with respect, offering superior service in a friendly, professional, and productive manner.


The Vision of Trust India Corporation is to be recognized as one of the best providers of dental equipments and interiors across the country, based on the quality of our products, our superior service, efficiency, viability, integrity, innovation & teamwork.


Trust India Corporation is committed to delight our customers through Design, manufacture and supply quality dental chairs, meeting the requirements of Quality Management Systems and continually improving its efficiency. This is achieved through total involvement of our dedicated team.


With about 16 plus years of experience, both of them have a broader work picture and in depth understanding of dental field.

GP Kumar

Founding Member

One of the founding members of Trust Dental® brings in rich experience in dental equipment servicing field and has been actively involved primarily in business development for past decade. He commands an in-depth knowledge of the entire dental fraternity in India.

HS Ambikanath


Co–founder of Trust Dental®, is actively involved in the equipment servicing field, he has vivid experience on the designing and manufacturing front that includes designing dental clinics, labs and layout plans for dental colleges. Apart, he is also founder of state-of-art factory manufacturing dental cabinets, chair side equipments and other customized requirements etc.



Making best use of constant technological advancement, TRUST SINOL dental chairs and other equipment comes with European Standard Features.


Ergonomically designed clinic provides the dentist as well as the patient ultimate comfort and minimal strain & fatigue. A place for everything and everything in its place.


Creating an ambience with stunning looks and creative concepts makes a dental clinic a lace of art, where even a child patient feels pleasant.